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The enemies of your exterior wood surfaces are:

Carolina Kleeners specializes in power washing and deck staining to preserve natural wood homes, decks, docks, and fencing. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest levels of craftsmanship, professionalism, and integrity throughout every phase of the job. Carolina Kleeners can restore your deck and preserve your investment for years to come. We can also add a decorative railing cap to your existing handrail, giving your deck an updated look. All unprotected wood exposed to exterior weathering is susceptible to erosion and biological attack. Protect your deck today with Carolina Kleener's deck cleaning and sealing services!

Wood Facts

All unprotected wood exposed to exterior weathering is susceptible to erosion and biological attack. This natural weathering process results in wood changing its appearance from the beauty of new wood to various shades of gray and eventually to black. Left unprotected, new wood's durability, beauty and natural coloration is under constant attack.

The enemies of your exterior wood surfaces are:

Photo Degradation by Ultraviolet Light Sunlight. Solar radiation is the most damaging component of the outdoor environment affecting every exposed surface. The first change you will notice in your exterior wood will be the damage inflicted by sunlight. This will be seen by an initial color change from its beautiful golden, orange-brown color to gray. This color change is actually the decomposition of lignin (nature's glue for holding wood cells together); as it progresses the wood color darkens. Leaching Swelling/Shrinking due to Water Absorption by the Wood. Sun and rain cycles cause moisture fluctuations in the wood. The shrinking and swelling stresses the wood causing checks and splits to develop. Hydrolysis (as in acid rain attack) is also a contributor to this degradation of your wood. Decay Promoting Microorganisms Fungi, Mold and Mildew. Wood's natural protectants leach out in a relatively short time and allow colonization by wood-inhabiting fungi. Once established, and aided by favorable climatic conditions, these microorganisms can have a rapid, devastating effect causing your wood to become soft, stringy, pitted, cracked or even to crumble. Depletion of Old Growth Timber Another important consideration is that the majority of today's cedar and redwood lumber is being processed from younger, less decay resistant trees. These young redwood and cedars harvested today may need protection earlier than the premium hart woods that were once widely available. These factors, coupled with an increased awareness of various environmental issues in recent years to protect what remains of our old growth timber, are further reducing the supply of high quality wood. With all of these factors, (sunlight, water and fungi, attacking your untreated exterior wood ) you will soon notice your wood becoming "spongy", roofs and siding begin to curl, laminated siding will delaminate, boards on decks and fences begin to warp, split, and crack, and in severe exposures; wood rot becomes evident. This can happen even more rapidly on T111 siding; because of all the small surface cracks and splits in this type of wood.

How fast wood weathers is dependent upon several factors:

Slope Verticals and horizontals will reach different shades as they are exposed to different levels of sun, dirt and moisture. The more horizontal wood is, the more likely it is to suffer decay from fungi. Direction South-facing wood suffers because it experiences the greatest swings in temperature and humidity, leading to more splits and other degradation. Shading Wood shaded by trees is more likely to develop mold, mildew, and decay than unshaded wood. DON'T GIVE UP!
 In spite of the relentless enemies our exterior wood surfaces face, not only can they be restored, in most cases, to look like new, but they can also be easily maintained! The transformation process involves repair, mold and mildew removal, wood surface preparation; and application of a protective coating.

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Carolina Kleeners gave me the impression of being true professionals from their first contact. The company did not fail from the beginning to the end. I was extremely impressed with the crew they sent out to do the actual cleaning as they were very detailed and worked extremely well together. They saved me a days worth of work and provided me a much better end product than I could of done. Mark E. in Irmo, SC

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They came on time, the cleaning was great and they cleaned up after themselves. They were polite and answered all my questions without pressuring me to bring them back. I sure will call them again.

Sharon B. in Columbia, SC


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